Monday, April 7, 2008

Baxter Magolda 1999

Baxter Magolda, Marcia B. (1999) Creating Contexts for Learning and Self Authorship: Constructive-Developmental Pedagogy; Nashville; Vanderbilt University Press.

The world of educators and the world of students are worlds apart...

Faculty can think in sophisticated ways - they understand that knowledge can be ambiguous and can change. Authority, too, can be questioned. Facts can be tentative

Students believe that there is a right/wrong answer and that when something is published, it is a fact, carved in stone. Professors have the right answer.

Helping students shift from thinking knowledge is certain to believing it is uncertain

Constructive-developmental view of learning incorporates 2 major concepts (pg 6):
  1. students construct knowledge by organizing and making meaning of their experiences (Piaget)
  2. this construction takes place in the context of their evolving assumptions about knowledge itself and their role in creating it. (Perry - how this evolves through adult life)
These 2 concepts are central to the teaching-learning process: No longer sufficient to know what our student understand, but we must know the way they understand it.

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