Monday, April 7, 2008

Meet them where they are...process

Understand where students are in terms of their own meaning-making and lead them to more complex ways of knowing

1. This books overarching purpose - to promote self-authorship = way of making meaning of the world and oneself - linked to students' epistemological development

This development is intimately linked to existing knowledge - it cannot happen without faculty involvement...

So...faculty demonstrate the process through which knowledge is constructed in the discipline - Faculty create opportunities for students to practice the process...Faculty DO NOT encourage students to practice without regard for existing research. (*pg 8)

Formal bodies of knowledge, standard usage, and the teacher's academic background all belong in the critical classroom - with the idea that knowledge is not presented as doctrine to be absorbed w/out question - taking a critical approach to existing bodies of knwoledge, and a abalanced multi-cultural perspective - students own themes are alued

In this process students adn faculty re-invent thru problem-posing their rel'p to each other to learning and authority to education, to expertise - to knowledge and power

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